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2014 EM 385-1- 1 Compliant Accident Prevention Plans. Done.

Select Activity Hazard Analysis Steps

Big or small, companies of all sizes benefit daily by drastically reducing their workload and overhead costs and raising the quality of their administrative plans. Using Gadzoom to generate your Accident Prevention Plan provides the ability to store information and certifications for personnel, subcontractors, or suppliers, and add or change the SSHO or other key personnel by a simple click of their names, add electronic signatures, and insert all Activity Hazard Analysis documents in the APP electronically.

Gadzoom’s proprietary technology also works behind the scenes to offer a selection of the closest hospitals to your site and automatically provides mapping and driving directions in the APP.

These and other features make creating an Accident Prevention Plan using Gadzoom faster and easier than you ever imagined. Give us a call today and let us show you!

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Construction Quality Control Plans of Superior Quality.

Activity Hazard Analysis Steps Library

With Gadzoom, create Construction Quality Control Plans (CQCP) that meet and exceed all USACE format requirements. All appointment letters are generated, appropriate resumes and certifications are inserted automatically, and electronic signatures can be added quickly to complete the document. Required organization charts are programmatically generated and can be easily edited to fit your project’s needs. Entry of Definable Features of Work is made easy by selection from the existing CSI codes. Additionally, photos can be uploaded to document existing conditions prior to the start of construction.

Easily edit your Quality Control Plan at any time and quickly regenerate at no additional cost. These and other features ensure creation and management of your construction quality control plan will be easy and fast!

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Environmental Protection Plans that Protect more than the Environment.


Gadzoom’s Environmental Protection Plans allow you to address contract requirements, including: specific site restrictions, air pollution control, transportation management, solid waste disposal, recycling and solid waste minimization, spill control, waste water management, contaminant prevention, and more! Easily add the project’s Environmental Assessment and other pertinent state or local text to create a comprehensive EPP. Required appointment letters are automatically generated, Environmental Certifications inserted, and electronic signatures easily added for completion.

As a living document, the Environmental Protection Plan can be easily edited and quickly regenerated at any time to meet the needs of your project with no cost.

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Fall Rescue Plans that prepare to perform a rescue at a moment's notice.

Fall Rescue

Anytime your project calls for someone to be working at height, you’re legally required to have a site-specific Fall Rescue Plan in place. It’s not just about compliance, its about protecting the health and safety of every worker on site. A comprehensive Fall Rescue Plan ensures they know exactly what to do. After all, their ability to respond like a well-oiled machine is literally a matter of life or death.

With Gadzoom's Fall Rescue Plan, educate your team on critical issues facing a fall suspension victim, including time requirements for rescue and how to treat and orient a victim once they reach the ground. Develop a site-specific rescue plan outlining duties, emergency phone numbers, and location of rescue equipment, to be updated and reviewed daily during operations.

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Crystalline Silica Exposure Control Plans Protect Your Workers from Harm & Your Company from Liability

Crystalline Silica

We now know that some construction dust can be incredibly dangerous to the health of on-site workers. Your plan to minimize exposure isn't just a legal requirement - it's also a good business decision.

Gadzoom simplifies the process, so you can spend less time worrying about paperwork and more time doing what you do best. With Gadzoom, you can easily create a Crystalline Silica Exposure Control Plan customizable to your project. You can create your plan as a single document or insert as an appendix to your Accident Prevention Plan.

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Gadzoom is a cloud-based program that makes your company's administrative plans for government construction projects fast, accurate, and efficient.

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